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Consolidating Student Loans: What You Need to Know Going In

Should I Consolidate? Generally speaking, consolidate all the loans possible to get one simplified payment with the best terms possible. However, consolidation isn’t always the best answer. You need to take stock of your loans and decide if you should consolidate all, part, or any of them. For instance, U.S. government loans have a fixed […]

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Choosing How to Allocate Loan Payments: The Repayment Pyramid

How to choose where to allocate loan payments:  A “Repayment pyramid” refers to paying off the smallest loans first. Similar to consolidation, the fewer separate payments you have, the more flexibility you will have in choosing how your money is allocated each month. This can be achieved faster by paying off the smallest loans first […]

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Setting Money Aside: Savings, Money Market Funds, Investing, and Retirement

Planning your savings, budget, and financial goals: Setting a little money aside in a secure savings should be your first task. Most people say set 3-5 months worth of living expenses aside in emergency savings in case of hard times. Aside from that, I am comfortable knowing that I have a small IRA fund, some […]

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